Questions an Individual Might Ask About Their Financial Strategy

Here are a few questions that I am often asked from an individual in regards to their personal planning needs:

"I haven't heard from my Financial Professional in months. I wonder what is happening with my accounts. Can you help?"

"I wonder if I will have enough money to retire at the age I would like?"

"How do I protect my assets in the event I need to financially take care of my parents or have a accident and unable to work?"

"We have recently purchased a home and want to protect our family in the event of a premature death. What kind of insurance is best for our needs?"

"We have been working hard all of our lives and now want to be sure our assets pass to our kids, how do we do this?"

"I got scared when the market went down a few years ago and cashed out my accounts. Is this a good time to get back into the market?"

"How often should I meet with my Financial Professional?"

I approach clients with just one message: "I can help you feel secure through products and services I offer.”

Pemberton Financial and Insurance Services, Inc. is here to help answer any questions or concerns you have. Just give us a call.